Client Reviews / Recommendations

Cameron Smith - 12/17/2018

"We are having an absolutely wonderful time working with Dan! As first time homebuyers we have been fairly anxious. He has always been able to answer our questions and put us at ease on a variety of topics. He really is passionate about finding someone their perfect home!"

Raymond Lackey, 1SG US Army, retired - 5/8/2018

"It was a pleasure to work together with Daniel Kellogg, who was an outstanding technology and operations trainer during our time together. Proactive, energetic and perfectly organized. Brilliant displays of leadership and the candor to build a culture of trust and transparency. Daniel Kellogg assumed a leadership role in his military service, inspiring and motivating his colleagues. Whenever I had a problem, there was never a time he left me without a solution. Daniel Kellogg will find a way to weather any storm with a smile. Absolutely worth recommending!"

Janice Gates, Professor of Business Management at Western Illinois University - 5/29/2017

"Daniel Kellogg is an extremely hard working young man. He maintains a very high gpa while at the same time working multiple jobs and being involved around campus. Daniel sets high standards for himself and works hard to reach his standards and is very driven to grow professionally. He has exceptional people skills and great work habits. Daniel would be an asset to any organization that he is a part of. Daniel has extremely solid oral and written communication skills. He also is very analytical and can apply what he has learned in the past to various situations to come up with a viable solution to the situation. I would highly recommend Daniel Kellogg."